Nutritional values *

579 Kcal.

Water4.41 g.
Proteins21.15 g.
Fat49.93 g.
Glucide21.55 g.

Fructose0.11 g.
Galactose0.07 g.
Glucose0.17 g.
Maltose0.04 g.
Sucrose3.95 g.
Starch0.72 g.
Dietary fibers12.5 g.
Ashes2.97 g.
Organic acids-
FA satured3.802 g.
FA monounsaturated31.551 g.
FA polyunsaturated12.329 g.
Calcium269 mg.
Copper1.031 mg.
Iron3.71 mg.
Magnesium270 mg.
Manganese2.179 mg.
Phosphorus481 mg.
Potassium733 mg.
Selenium4.1 µg.
Sodium1 mg.
Zinc3.12 mg.

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Vitamine A, retinol-
Vitamine Pro A, beta carotene1 µg.
Vitamine D-
Vitamine E25.63 mg.
Vitamine K1-
Vitamine K2-
Vitamine C-
Vitamine B10.205 mg.
Vitamine B21.138 mg.
Vitamine B33.618 mg.
Vitamine B50.471 mg.
Vitamine B60.137 mg.
Vitamine B944 µg.
Vitamine B12-

tryptophane0.211 g.
Threonine0.601 g.
Isoleucine0.751 g.
Leucine1.473 g.
Lysine0.568 g.
Methionine0.157 g.
Phenylalanine1.132 g.
Valine0.855 g.
Histidine0.539 g.

* US Department of Agriculture

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