Double-cooked prime rib, grill and low temperature in the oven

This recipe presents in a simple way, cooking grilled then at low temperature. This way we get a good grilled taste and tender meat. It’s almost unmissable!

Easy black cherry clafoutis

A simple and quick recipe to prepare for clafoutis lovers.

Hard-boiled eggs stuffed with sardines

Full of Omega3 and protein in this recipe for sardines in oil and hard-boiled eggs

Virgin mojito alcoholic free cocktail

Easy to do and so fresh.

Elderflower syrup for Hugo cocktail

A simple and very economical recipe for making your own homemade syrup almost for free and above all naturally

Vincent’s dried fruit cake

Vincent, the chef with a big heart, invites you to make a fruit cake. It takes you on a journey with different dried fruits. It makes you smell the dough, which perfumes the kitchen. He puts the cake in the oven and you wait impatiently to taste it.

French galette des rois Cyril LIGNAC style

The galette des rois is a gourmet tradition that celebrates Epiphany on January 6. Inside is a bean, a small porcelain or plastic object that represents a character, an animal or a symbol. Whoever finds the bean in their share becomes the king or queen of the day, and can choose their partner. He or… Continue reading French galette des rois Cyril LIGNAC style

Apricot shake non-alcoholic cocktail

Dry January is a challenge to not drink alcohol during the month of January. This is a good opportunity to take care of your health, your wallet and your planet. But that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of pleasure! On the contrary, it is an opportunity to discover new flavors and treat yourself… Continue reading Apricot shake non-alcoholic cocktail

Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

arm aroma of Christmas spices invades your senses. Cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg combine to create a symphony of flavors that instantly evokes the Christmas spirit. These cookies are not only delicious, they are also beautifully decorated. Eating these gingerbread-flavored Christmas cookies is like embracing the Christmas spirit. It is a tradition that warms the… Continue reading Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

What is the recipe for yogurt cake?

A yogurt cake is a simple and tasty cake, which is prepared with a pot of natural yogurt. It has a chewy, light texture, and it can be flavored with lemon, vanilla, chocolate, or other flavors. It is baked in a cake or cake mold, and can be enjoyed warm or cold, as a snack… Continue reading What is the recipe for yogurt cake?