pistachio nut

Nutritional values *

572 Kcal.

Water1.85 g.
Proteins21.05 g.
Fat45.82 g.
Glucide28.28 g.

Fructose0.22 g.
Galactose0.05 g.
Glucose0.25 g.
Maltose0.13 g.
Sucrose7.09 g.
Starch1.38 g.
Dietary fibers10.3 g.
Ashes3 g.
Organic acids-
FA satured5.645 g.
FA monounsaturated24.534 g.
FA polyunsaturated13.346 g.
Calcium107 mg.
Copper1.293 mg.
Iron4.03 mg.
Magnesium109 mg.
Manganese1.243 mg.
Phosphorus469 mg.
Potassium1007 mg.
Selenium10 µg.
Sodium6 mg.
Zinc2.34 mg.

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Vitamine A, retinol-
Vitamine Pro A, beta carotene159 µg.
Vitamine D-
Vitamine E2.17 mg.
Vitamine K1-
Vitamine K2-
Vitamine C3 mg.
Vitamine B10.695 mg.
Vitamine B20.234 mg.
Vitamine B31.373 mg.
Vitamine B50.513 mg.
Vitamine B61.122 mg.
Vitamine B951 µg.
Vitamine B12-

tryptophane0.262 g.
Threonine0.714 g.
Isoleucine0.957 g.
Leucine1.675 g.
Lysine1.189 g.
Methionine0.375 g.
Phenylalanine1.14 g.
Valine1.305 g.
Histidine0.535 g.

* US Department of Agriculture

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