Grandma Simone’s green tomato jam

Did the tomatoes catch late blight or hail? So as not to throw them away, here is the recipe for grandma's green tomato jam! With its beautiful green color and tangy taste, it will spice up your dishes and awaken your taste buds.

Done in 1 h.

  • preparation 15 min.
  • cuisson 45 min.


1 sauce pan 1 strainer 1 wooden spoon

Ingredients for 30 parts


  • Wash the tomatoes, remove imperfections and the stem. Cut into cubes, collect the juice and filter it to remove the seeds.
  • Bring to the boil with the sugar and lemon juice.
  • Keep boiling over low heat for 45 minutes and skim off the foam from time to time.
  • Pour into the previously sterilized jars.

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