Double-cooked prime rib, grill and low temperature in the oven

This recipe presents in a simple way, cooking grilled then at low temperature. This way we get a good grilled taste and tender meat. It's almost unmissable!

Done in 1 h. 25 min.

  • preparation 15 min.
  • cuisson 1 h. 10 min.


1 thermometer 1 baking dish 1 oven 1 aluminium foil 1 Grill

Ingredients for 3 parts


  • Take the meat out of the fridge for 1 hour to bring it to temperature.
  • Heat the grill to white and mark all sides of the meat.
  • Preheat the oven to 70°c., add salt and pepper and place the meat in the dish. Cover with the sheet of aluminum foil and insert the thermometer probe into the center of the meat.
  • The prime rib is ready when the following temperatures are reached:
  • 52°C for rare meat.
  • 54°C for medium-rare meat.
  • 56 to 58°C for well-cooked meat
  • Cooking may take 1 hour.

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