Green basil pesto (alla genovese)

Basil pesto is a traditional sauce of Italian cuisine, typical of Liguria. There are also variations with other ingredients such as tomato, parsley or marjoram. Pesto can accompany dishes like pasta, pizza, focaccia or meats.

Done in 25 min.

  • preparation 5 min.
  • repos 20 min.


1 blender 1 mixing bowl

Ingredients for 10 parts


  • Leave the oil in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes in a glass before adding the basil: this way the oil will become cold and give the pesto a beautiful green color.
  • Wash and dry the basil with a clean cloth.
  • Placer le basil dans le bol du mixeur.
  • Pour the oil into the mixer with a pinch of salt, garlic and pine nuts.
  • Mélanger par intermittence pendant quelques secondes, afin de ne pas trop chauffer le mélange et conservera sa couleur vert vif.
  • Finally, ajouter le fromage râpé en mélangant jusqu'à obtenir la bonne consistency.

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