Pineapple, coconut and vanilla jam

An original recipe for breakfasts with Caribbean flavors.

Done in 1 h. 12 min.

  • preparation 15 min.
  • cuisson 45 min.
  • repos 12 min.


1 sauce pan 1 blender 1 mixing bowl

Ingredients for 50 parts


  • Cut the pineapple into pieces.
  • Cut the vanilla pod, and add the sugar, chopped coconut, coconut milk and rum.
  • Leave to rest overnight in a cool place, so the ingredients can release all their aromas.
  • The next day, in a saucepan, simmer the preparation over low heat for 45 minutes and check the cooking regularly.
  • When the pineapple has dissolved, put everything in a blender and put in the jars.

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