Egg perfect (parfait)

The texture of the perfect egg is very particular. The white is translucent and slightly firm, while the yellow is creamy and runny. The perfect egg is cooked at low temperature, between 63 and 65°C, for about an hour. It is the right balance between the coagulation temperature of the white (62°C) and that of the yolk (68°C). The perfect egg is a delicacy that can accompany many dishes or be enjoyed on its own.

Done in 46 min.

  • preparation 1 min.
  • cuisson 45 min.


1 tablespoon 1 kettle

Ingredients for 1 part


  • In the electric kettle, preheat the water to 65°c. You can also use an immersion heater, thermomix or a steam oven.
  • Place the eggs there.
  • After 45 min. cooking, remove the eggs and keep them at temperature in water at 40°C before serving.

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