Romanian chicken schnitzel

Romanian-style schnitzel is widely consumed, served on a plate with a side dish, in a pita sandwich or with a piece of bread. It must be consumed fairly quickly in order to keep its crunch. It is quite fatty because it absorbs frying oil and should therefore be eaten in moderation.

Done in 30 min.

  • preparation 15 min.
  • cuisson 15 min.


1 fork 4 paper towels 1 meat hammer 1 deep fryer 2 hollow plates

Ingredients for 5 parts


  • Trim the fillets, removing tendons and white bits of fat
  • Slice the whites into thin slices. If there are extra thicknesses, you can cut in certain places to "unroll" the meat and even out the thickness.
  • Using a hammer or meat pestle, we will hit the meat in order to break the fibers and even out the thickness of the pieces a little more.
  • The more similar the pieces are in thickness and size, the easier the cooking will be and the more uniform the result.
  • Roll the pieces in flour and season with salt and pepper.
  • We prepare two plates: in one, break the egg and make an omelet, pour the breadcrumbs in the other plate.
  • Heat the fryer. When the oil is very hot (you can put a small piece of meat which must fry with a lot of bubbles), you pass a piece of meat in the omelet front / back then in the same way in the breadcrumbs.
  • We put it in the fryer
  • The schnitzel is cooked when it has a nice golden brown coating
  • Place it on paper towel to soak up a little oil, then enjoy!

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