Homemade Limoncello

A well-known Italian digestive, limencello is very easy and economical to prepare. It is better to use 96° alcohol for this recipe than 40° for better extraction of essential oils. To consume with moderation !

Romanian traditional Cozonac

Cozonac is a traditional Romanian dish served during major religious holidays. Ingredients may vary depending on region

Breton-style buckwheat crepes

The typical dish of Brittany. You only need 3 ingredients to prepare this recipe, it couldn’t be simpler and easier.

Starbucks chai latte

Making a Starbucks-style chai latte at home is quite easy. This drink is also called chai masala, a common spiced tea drink in India. Masala refers to a mixture of spices used in cooking. The word “chai” translates to “tea”.

Romanian chicken schnitzel

Romanian-style schnitzel is widely consumed, served on a plate with a side dish, in a pita sandwich or with a piece of bread. It must be consumed fairly quickly in order to keep its crunch. It is quite fatty because it absorbs frying oil and should therefore be eaten in moderation.

Homemade fresh tagliatelle bio

Making fresh organic pasta at home is really simple and much cheaper. Let’s go for a great classic of Italian cuisine. Here is an easy recipe made with wheat flour. You can eat this pasta right away or store it in the fridge for later use.

Easy to do coffee candy

A little candy to replace a little coffee? With or without caffeine, these candies will delight your taste buds. The difficulty of this recipe is in the speed at which the mixture will set. In a few minutes the mixture becomes very hard and is no longer malleable. Be quick !

Soft pita bread

Pita bread, Arabic bread, Syrian bread, Lebanese bread, Turkish bread or simply pita is a flat and round bread originating from the Middle East. This recipe allows you to prepare it quickly thanks to the sugar which must accelerate the fermentation of the yeast and the rest at room temperature. The pita can be used for making sandwiches or simply as bread at the table.

Quick falafels with cooked chickpeas

Originally from Egypt, falafels are a good source of vegetable protein. This recipe uses cooked chickpeas to make the meatballs faster. We can adapt the spices to have falafels to our liking. Falafel can be eaten in pita bread or with a salad and accompanied by a yogurt sauce.

Easy to do homemade dried tenderloin

As an aperitif, in a starter or even for a sandwich, the dried filet mignon is a must. And why not also use it during a raclette? This homemade dried filet mignon recipe is quick and easy to make. However, it is necessary to take a little in advance to allow a minimum drying time of three weeks. Better than at the store, it costs a quarter of the price, you can vary the spices and you will thus avoid nitrates and other chemical products.